One plus. The name is enough, when it comes to mobile industry. No company has earned this much name and goodwill in such short time as OnePlus did in whole world.

I’m going to talk about the new OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 pro which will be available soon on your own Oneplus store in meerut named Sardar ji fones situated at Abulane Meerut.


OnePlus gives the highest configuration invented till date and that too on the cheapest rates. The main reason why people go for OnePlus is the user interface and Oxygen Os.


OnePlus is packed which highest end processor named Snapdragon and latest features such as Oneplus 8 will have 30w super fast wireless charging. Yes! You read it right !!  Wireless charging with 30w is gonna be the game changer in the mobile industry as history repeats itself when everytime OnePlus launches their new product. There is always one feature or the other which no brand has ever given in this price segment.


Though, OnePlus phones are way cheaper ,if we compare them with the products of other brands like samsung,honor and apple giving same configuration and speed.


Now it’s time to discuss my favourite quality of the company, its obvious and you guessed it right, yes that’s service. Service part of OnePlus is superb. Although OnePlus phones never get defected easily within warranty period but still they are always ready to cope up with anything they can to satisfy there customers.


OnePlus provides you power-packed gaming handsets with sAmoled display and very high end sony sensors in cameras , to enhance the picture quality in both front and back camera.

I hope the information provided by Sardar ji fones was helpful to you. Please follow us on Instagram and visit our website.


The main secret of OnePlus is that it’s a sub brand of Oppo. And it is manufactured by oppo itself.

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